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June 2012


      Diamond H                                US Average

Half Blood Irish Blacks:                   Feedlot Steer:

3.95 lbs.              Average Daily Gain                3.30 lbs.


4.79 lbs.                  Conversion                        6.09 lbs.

(lbs. of feed for 1 lbs. of gain)    


$0.83           Feed Cost per lb. of gain          $1.08


    Diamond H half blood Irish Blacks:

     Average in weight = 542 lbs.

Average out weight = 1260 lbs. with 5% shrink (1326 lbs. gross average out weight)



CARCASS Information for entire Diamond H pen/ 105 head (1 death):

Yield Percentage = 64.51%

Carcass Grades = 60% Choice - 63 head, 40% Select - 42 head, 9 head went CAB

Yield Grades = #1:  16 head, #2:  55 head, #3:  33 head, #4: 1 head





June 2012 Diamond H Livestock




     Diamond H Livestock purchased calves from three different Irish Black bull customers at top of the market prices.  We took all 106 head of half blood Irish Black steers from those three customers and put them into a commercial feedlot.  This group of calves varied 14 weeks in age from the oldest to the youngest.  The mother cows were Angus based commercial cows off three separate operations.  The steer calves were weaned for 45 days and vaccinated with a modified live vaccine series before they were taken to the feedlot.  They all shipped into the feedlot at the same time and spent over 18 hours in the truck to the feedlot.  Their average in weight for the 106 head was 542 pounds (keep in mind the large age range from three different producers plus a 5% pencil shrink is added on arrival at the feedlot).  Entire pen harvested in a 3 week period at 12-14 months old with 1326 lb. average gross out weight!




     These Irish Black steers cost $115 LESS  a head to feed than the national average steer that finished in June 2012.  In June 2012, the national average feedlot steer actually lost nearly $50 a head in the feedlot.  Our Irish Black steers made over $66 a head profit even after we bought them at premium top of the market prices.


     Transfer this performance data to analyze the improved pasture performance enjoyed by a ranch running half blood Irish Black cows.  A ranch can run more cows on the same grass, or choose to cut expenses by using less feed!  Here is the proof in real world 2012 feedlot numbers that Irish Blacks are SUPER EFFICIENT.  A half blood Irish Black animal is over 20% more efficient than other average beef cattle.  A 20% impact to the bottom line of any ranch operation could mean the difference between a successful future and a herd dispersal!

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